Craft Brewing 

A renowned Swedish brewer founded Vanuatu Brewing Ltd back in 1990 as a “craft brewery” 

So far, Bia blong yumi*, and our other beers are all brewed manually. 

«SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL» With a brewing capacity of over 20,000 hectoliters annually, we deliver more than 5 million bottles of Tusker Premium alone into the Vanuatu Market every year. 

«NO ADDITIVES NO CONSERVATIVES» Pasteurization is our only way to preserve the condition and freshness of the beer.

«FRESH FROM THE FARM» Have a sip (or more) of Tusker from one of the many draught beer systems in Vanuatu. Beer from our kegs is non-pasteurized 

«QUALITY COMMITMENT» Once a week, the production is blind tasted by the persons involved : Brewers, lab technicians, marketing and sales persons, General manager… In 2012 it was maybe not a surprise, Tusker Premium entered into the ‘Monde Selection Quality Awards’ held in Brussels, where our beer won the silver medal in the International Pilsner Category. 

This year, we proudly developed and launched a beer-based sweet and refreshing with a twist of lemon “Tusker Lemon” with the same passion for beer.