On the 35th Independence anniversary of Vanuatu celebrations were held on Siviri Village, North Efate.  From the 24th July to 31st July 2015, people got the chance to watch different skilled football teams.

Freshwota Tusker United FC participated at the football tournament. The following is the breakdown of games the boys played and the results:

1st Round

1st game – Blacksand 0 - 2 Freshwota Tusker United FC

2nd game – Freshwota Tusker UFC 0 – 1 Valeva Oldies

3rd Game – Freshwota Tusker UFC 1 – 0 Ohlen Freshwin

4th Game – Teouma Bush   0 – 1 Freshwota Tusker UFC

Quarter Final

Mautu 0 – 0 Freshwota Tusker UFC (0-0 after Extra Time - Penalty shoot out 2 – 5 won by Freshwota Tusker UFC)

Semi Final

Freshwota Tusker UFC 0 – 1 Pele FC

Freshwota Tusker United FC lost the semi final against Pele FC who have recruited players from Tupuji Magic, some of whom are currently playing within Port-Vila Premier Division Club. However, the Freshwota Tusker United FC was awarded, the fourth place and “The Best Team of the Tournament”, with a prize of 10,000VT

(24th July to 31st July 2015).