Issue Date:

20th April 2015

Closing Date:

 31st August 2015

Job main location:

Luganville, Santo


44 hours per week

Num. of Positions:








Hierarchical authority: Sales Manager 

Functional capacity:

  • Responsible for sales.
  • Responsible for account management.
  • Responsible for activating marketing initiatives.


  • Sales Manager.
  • Santo Shop Supervisor. 

Job main location: Luganville, Santo



 In the strategic guidelines established by the Sales & Marketing Manager, Sales Representatives are responsible for initiating customer sales and maintaining company sales targets. They are also responsible for managing customer accounts including collection of debts when required. 



Sales Department consists of the following services:

  • Regular and complete scheduled customer visits.
  • All facets of account management, financial and physical.
  • Positive company representation at all times.
  • Strive to achieve all targets set by Management.



Maintaining Vanuatu Brewing LTD as leader on the following markets: 

  • Local beers with Tusker Premium, Tusker OP, Tusker Lemon, Vanuatu Bitter marks;
  • Wines and spirits imported;
  • Non-alcoholic beverages (Soft such as, Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Schweppes…); 

The Sales Representative is recognized as the first face of the company in connection with the external environment of the company. They must maintain the company’s integrity to the highest possible standard and adhere to guidelines administered to ensure customer satisfaction and their ability to easily purchase goods. 

The customers are mainly professionals: Retailers, Wholesalers, Cafés, Restaurant, Hotels and Nakamals. 




  1. Follows the strategic guidelines implemented for the successful development of the company.
  2. Enforces objectives and directives put in place by management to improve sales, recover debts, increase company presence and generally enhance the overall success of the company.
  3. Aims to achieve all targets as set by management, including; sales targets, debt recovery and marketing initiatives.
  4. Maintains customer satisfaction to the highest possible standard.
  5. Ensures accuracy with product availability and company offerings.
  6. Consistently and regularly visits the customer of the company.
  7. Publicly represents the company in compliance with company standards, ensuring a high standard of; appearance, motoring, verbal expression and personality.
  8. Completes all procedural executions as required by management, including; route cards, email correspondence and follow up, timely order completions.
  9. Maintain punctual attendance to all compulsory meetings, including; Sales meetings, beer tasting requirements, un-scheduled meetings as requested by management, customer meetings.
  10. Actively promotes all marketing initiatives as required by management.
  11. Ensures attendance to any sales & marketing activities relevant to the growth of the salespersons direct division as requested by management.



Ensure the commercial development of the company on all of its markets. 

Ensure the directives of commercial policies are followed. 

Guarantee the quality of customer service. 

Ensure compliance with procedures.