Issue Date:

November 2014

Closing Date:


Job main location:

Port-Vila, VANUATU


40 Hours per week

Num. of Positions:








Hierarchical authority: General Manager

Functional links: Purchase manager, Finance Manager, General Manager

Replaced by: Marketing Manager.



 According to the sales budget of the company, Sales Manager is responsible for sales target achievement



2 Front desk sales person, 3 Sales representatives, 2 merchandisers, 3 retail shops (8 shop staff).



 On a micro inconsistent tourism dependent market, the brewery and beverage need growing sales and sufficient margin to ensure its profitability and development. The wines and spirits in both HCR and retail are strategic.




  1. Perform at the best level the sales person activities on its key account portfolio (Top 10 customer)
  2. Make sure the sales person activities are followed
  3. Control every order customer confirmation and invoice issued from the front desk in order to control price accuracy, level activity of sales person, stock availability issue, respect of customer account’s payment terms.
  4. Assess on a daily weekly and other periods, the performance of sales person, sales by key sku, sales per channel, per key customer…
  5. Continuously assess the market competition through competitor’s mix marketing products, prices, promotions, place…
  6. Propose the necessary actions with profit analysis to ensure sales target
  7. Report to the marketing people useful information
  8. Ensure that Provision Agreements are respected by customers: Supply of Coolers, Draft system, Coffee machine
  9. Organizes and control the shelves merchandising by its team
  10. Set up, controls, maintain the in-shop promotions with Service and marketing persons
  11. Attend punctually to all meetings required by management.
  12. Consistently train local sales persons and Marketing manager on sales skills, CRM, Coca-Cola guidelines.




  • Ensure the development of volumes, revenue and margin on selected channel, customer or beverage category.
  • Ensure the quality of high level sales process and customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure the building of all necessaries relationship
  • Ensure compliance with procedures and especially TCCC license
  • Train local sales persons.




Graduate Year 13, + 2 years in sales + 5 years experience in major Beverage Brand sales.

Sales team management experience is required.